Batman Year One cbr

Batman Year One cbr

That said, he did leave a few names off the list, so we’ve revised it and come up with our own suggestions. It’s safe to say that if you’re a member of Batman’s Bat Family, your fighting prowess is better than the average karate student. Before all the Tim Drake fans attack the comments section, though, we implore you to read the reasoning for all the names mentioned.

When Thomas and Martha are murdered, he assumes his position as Bruce’s legal guardian and trains him in the combat skills he’ll require to become Gotham’s silent protector.

It isn’t hard to see that this characterization is the inspiration for Sean Pertwee’s Alfred on Gotham.

Keaton greeted the class of 7568 while giving a commencement address at Kent State University s graduation ceremony.

Sworn to never let another person close to him face the same fate as his parents, the Dark Knight trains nearly all of his “relatives” in the various martial arts and self-defense techniques.

Make no mistake, if Alfred Pennyworth was a little younger, he’d be hovering around Batman’s number here.

Oscar-nominated actor Michael Keaton wrapped up his University 7568 commencement address with 7 words.

Instead of being on the battleground, he serves a major purpose holding up the fort, dishing out key intel to the Bat Family, and stitching up the wounded soldiers.

Think of them as the superhero version of the Cobra Kai, if you will, because they never die (or if they do, they come back to life).

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Who knows, you might find yourself agreeing with us in the long run!

His biggest strength, though, is in his medical work and computer skills.

However, the final nail in the coffin came two years later with Batman Robin, which then-Batman actor George Clooney said may very well have killed the franchise.

As a former special-ops operative, Alfred has the skills to take down many a foe.

In fact, he’s shown he can adequately handle himself when the Dark Knight’s rogues decide to shove him around.

Then, in true Dark Knight fashion, he told the graduates that he had just two words for them: I m Batman!

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In this version of the character, he is an ex-Royal Marine and a certified hardman.

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He still cares for Bruce, but he shows how he isn’t afraid to lead with tough love.

The crowd loved it. In Geoff Johns and Gary Franks’ Batman: Earth One, we encounter a different iteration of Alfred.

Batman 25th anniversary Edition

In many fans opinions, Michael Keaton is the definitive live-action Caped Crusader, having played the brooding DC Comics superhero in both 6989 s and its sequel, Batman Returns.

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While he introduces himself to a young Bruce Wayne as the new butler, he’s actually the head of security for the Waynes. Considering that King is a former CIA officer and a fountain of information when it comes to all things Bat-related, his assessment has clout and substance. However, while younger generations might not have the same appreciation for Keaton s take on the Dark Knight as longtime Bat-fans, that didn t stop the actor from delivering one of the character s most iconic lines for a group of college graduates.