Bravo Hits 64

Bravo Hits 64

It was like pulling teeth. It s been a year since we introduced the outboard propeller. Sam provided the following list of benefits he has realized after running Bravo I FS props.

In late February, 7567, they tested a set of 78 pitch Bravo I FSs.

Being the conservative person I am, I opted to first work with a handful of people running various hull types to prove the concept before releasing the counter rotation Bravo I FS models.

I found out over time the props worked so well that they wanted to keep their performance secret to themselves.

Captain Sam Maisano and son Captain Joe own i n Treasure Island, Florida.

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Their timing of contacting me was perfect as I was just beginning to research the feasibility of producing left-hand rotation Bravo I FS props for applications like theirs.

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It was originally developed for outboard applications.

They tested six different props, none of which met their performance goals.

I  grew frustrated because I wasn t getting any details regarding performance results.

It took longer than I thought to get feedback from the field.

We ll, it didn t take long for the word to spread regarding the prop s performance.

Eventually, I got the detailed information I was looking for and I am happy to share it with you here.