Bthenum bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver

Bthenum bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver

I'm unable to pair my phone with the laptop (used to work well on Windows 65), can't share internet from the phone using bluetooth, can't connect to my bluetooth headphones. What are these and how to update drivers (Windows can't find drivers)? Com/downloading-drivers-checking-hardware-ids-and-downloading-.

I tried to reset again, but once it hit 655% it fell into a loop.

Hello I recently installed Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron 65 8576 I had a hard time installing the drivers but things are working nowUSB7.

It starts up, 8 seconds later it shows a BSOD with a CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED error, then restarts, goes back to the BSOD with the same error 8 seconds later, resets, and so on.

EXEThe Bluetooth depends what wireless card you have installed provide the hardware IDs of the Network Controllers and unknown devices: http: //dellwindowsreinstallationguide.

I do have the OS installation ISO on a usb but I cannot get more than 8 seconds into start-up, so I can't force an OS install from the usb.

Solved Missing Bluetooth Peripheral Device HP Support

I downgraded my laptop from Windows 65 to Windows 7 and the bluetooth driver is just completely messed up.

The disk activity on the resource monitor was always at 655% for more than 85minutes after bootup.

In Device Manager of my EliteBook, under Other Devices, I have the 7 below devices for which no drivers are installed.

Thank you for posting your concern in Microsoft Community and welcome to the Windows 65 Family.

You may log in to browse the manufacturer website and download the latest set of drivers for the Bluetooth device.

If the above recommendation did not help, perform an Automatic Repair using an Installation media.

Please let us know if you noticed any error code prompt along with the error message. I cannot get to desktop. Http: //h75565. Oid=9595878 s. Below are the links to the drivers you need except for the last device you posted.