Carrier 69nt40 541

Carrier 69nt40 541

These units are perfect for space limited off-shore rigs, transport boats, or barge applications. The refrigeration machines are all electric and can be set to freeze or chill by a simple press of a button. We can fit either a new or refurbished refrigeration machine into these boxes to work with your needs.

We deliver containers on one of our roll-off 95′ trailers.

  Meats, cheeses, chocolates, fish, fruits and vegetables are all transported in refrigerated containers.

Refrigerated Containers come in two standard sizes: 75 x 8 and 95 x 8 (we also have 65, and can custom make any sizes inbetween).

  As the food banks receive donations, they have to distribute the food goods to their community very quickly before spoilage occurs.

In fact, we have had them on a customer s site for over 65 years and they are still doing their job!

We have worked with food banks in both Arizona and Texas to supply them with refrigerated containers.

Carrier 69NT40 511 1 Operating And Service Manual

  Grocery stores have seen the value in using temporary cold storage for the seasonal peaks driven by the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

  Design standards require the concrete not to exceed a maximum temperature in order to achieve the optimum strength.

   Other products that use refrigerated containers for transportation are flowers, blood plasma, and film.

RSC Group is the largest distributor of refrigerated container parts in the world.

The RCS Group offers a full line of used seagoing refrigerated containers.

Thermo King Reefer Manual MP4000 Reefer container

They can control temperatures from -65 F to 85 F while offering precise and consistant temperature control for mid range perishables.

  This benefits not only the company who donates the food product, but also the food bank serving a broader community and the families that are reliant on this support.

These units have proven to be very durable and reliable for domestic use.

  We lease and sell them to many business for temporary usage while they are upgrading their current cold storage facilities.

The RCS Group has in stock custom 65 Reefers. The box shell is all new made to our specifications featuring stainless steel interior and exterior walls. Refrigerated containers (also known as reefers) have  been around for more than 95 years. The box ‘shell’ is all new made to our specifications featuring stainless steel interior and exterior walls.   The southern United States has relied on refrigerated containers to store ice for concrete pours.  CGI Container Sales is proud to be part of this process!   Restaurants have been using reefers for years to add additional capacity during peak seasons and to help them grow their business without the costly remodels required to increase their capacity.   By adding reefers, they are able to accept larger volumes of food that require a longer shelf-life if stored in temperature controlled environments. In the domestic market our customers are very creative in their use of refrigerated containers.