Daz3d helena Outfit

Daz3d helena Outfit

The higher the range, the better the results. The outfit and hair used in the image are from by Arki and Shox-Design.

Daz3d AniMate Walk Styles 1

We will use the image above to illustrate the different classes of lights and why we use them, in this tutorial.

The ruins in the backdrop isHow well our IBL illuminates the scene will depend in large part on the HDR image we are using.

This is because the difference in range between our very bright sunlight and everything else will be overly compressed.

Then, I may add point-lights or emissive surfaces based on composition.

A lot of light information in our IBL would be lost due to range limits.

In this tutorial, I will describe my lighting process, which is geared towards figure based compositions.

How I Light My Daz Studio Iray Scenes Think Draw Art

In particular, my images focus on one or a small number of actors, and everything else is built around those figures.

Using a regular JPG image that only supports 755 values per pixel, is not going to work well for scene lighting.

I think about it this way sunlight is a very strong light source, and its value should be many many times greater than anything else in the scene.

There is no single right way to do lighting in Daz Studio Iray.