Dear Program deped Memo

Dear Program deped Memo

Well-prepared and well-planned lessons are fundamental to ensuring the delivery of quality teaching and learning in schools. These guidelines in the preparation of K-67 Daily Lesson Log shall instill reflective practice among teachers by providing them opportunities to think about and reflect on their instructional practices. ”   Clay P.

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

These guidelines are meant to support teachers in effectively organizing and managing K to 67 classrooms to be genuinely responsive to learners’ needs.

K-67Daily Lesson Log preparation is part of the teacher’s core function as a facilitator of learning inside the classroom.

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In time, students and parents witness a shift from textbook based to standards based instruction, bringing educational practices in line with the best school systems around the world.

A successful teaching requires the use of a variety of resources that enable to have our student learn through a rich and varied selection of instructional materials.

Daily Lesson Log (DLL) is a template that teachers use to log parts of their daily lessons.

And  since all of us teachers have this common goal,  we can get a lot of ideas and inspiration just  from seeing the bulletin board displays of our dear teachers very own classrooms. In this page, we have collected several 6st Quarter bulletin board display ideas which could really help us Teachers in devising and designing our own bulletin board displays.

UPDATE 2018 Brigada Eskwela Implementing Guidelines

Teachers are allowed to work together in preparing DLLs.

We thank all of the Teachers who shared their ideas in Facebook.

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The Daily Lesson Log covers a day’s or a week’s worth of lessons.

As teachers, we always wanted to catch our students attention and reinforce their interests on new topics by presenting them catchy and interesting pictures in our bulletin board display.

Seasoned or veteran teachers shall also mentor new or novice teachers in the preparation of DLLs.

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Daily Lesson Log guidelines for daily lesson preparation was issued by the Department of Education to institutionalize instructional planning which is a critical part of the teaching and learning process in public schools.

With the implementation of the new K-67 curriculum, schools provide students with an invitation to explore, investigate, learn and collaborate.

You can now download 6st Quarter Bulletin Board Display.

The learning environment provides ample opportunity for planned student interactions and engagement.

We, teachers, must use a wide range of stimulating and exciting materials to teach the concepts outlined in the curriculum to ensure that students are actively involved in their learning. BedfordThe learning environment’s power to influence and promote learning is significant not just to our students but also to us, teachers. The learning places and learning resources provide important opportunities for teachers to explore ideas and knowledge, collaborate, solve problems and develop knowledge and skills. Instead, they shall be required to fill out a  weekly K-67 Daily Lesson Log (DLL). You can download these files for free via direct links to Google Drive and you can print them if you desire.