Differential galvanometer driver

Differential galvanometer driver

Straight-forward and simple operation and control for applications requiring low speed and accuracy. Most high-end laser projectors are custom-built and some functions are incorporated accordance with which type of effect is required. Most color of solid state laser is currently red and green.

Item['title']. It seems ready-made laser projectors have only X-Y scanner which can be used for the most generic effects.

Basically, the laser projectors are used for entertainment industry. Most gas lasers require this mechanism in front of laser output window because the gas laser cannot be modulated the output power quickly.

These galvanometer scanners have a high torque over extremely wide scan angles, with high accuracy and repeatability due to unique position detector design near mirror. Yokogawa Test- und Messtechnik hat 6 Vertriebsb├╝ros vor Ort in Deutschland.

In old days, red He-Ne laser had been used for the laser art, and then white mixed-gas laser which can generate several number of color simultaneously has being used. The gas laser is very low efficiency and difficult to use.

For multi-colored system, such as mixed-gas laser, an optical modulator, called PCAOM, is used to control each color line. However the laser unit was very expensive and junk He-Ne gas laser cannot be modulated directly, so that I could not resolve to purchase the laser unit and modulator.

The other is Screen Effect, it shows the laser graphics that drawn on the screen by a moving laser spot. The blanking mechanism interrupts any unnecessary laser beam.

When blue one improves its performance, out of date gas lasers will be replaced with the solid state lasers. A galvanometer is used for the blanking mechanism as its actuator to move the interrupter.

The mechanical blanking other than safety shutter is often omitted on the laser projector using PCAOM or solid state lasers which can be modulated directly. In laser beam steering, even our smallest component plays a critical role in advancing innovation.

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In this project, I chose only an X-Y scanner and aimed to project exact laser graphics and animations as a goal. The beam effect is very exciting, so that many Laser Light Shows are also being given.

He-Ne laser had been used in early days, multi-colored mixed gas laser is currently used for high end laser projector and solid state laser is one of the brand-new laser device that has been recently used. Please keep your personal profile current by logging in and updating your information whenever it changes.

This is a challenging project to build the laser projector with professional grade: -).

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Generic 20Kpps Laser Galvo Galvanometer Based Optical

One is Beam Effect, it shows the laser beams that flying in the air to the audience. ' + ((item['title'].

At the first quarter of 7559, a reasonable solid state laser module was sold from Kyoritsu Denshi, and I determined to start this project that thinking for a long time. I think everybody saw Laser Effects that shows up stages, discos or festivals.

The most important component used for laser projectors is the laser unit.