Easygerb 5

Easygerb 5

With ACE 8555 all file formats are Converted in just 9 STEPS! ACE can Save Thousands ($$)  Other competitors can charge thousands of dollars for each translator or charge separately for the viewer. Most users are able to successfully convert their first files in less than 5 minutes!

ACE allows you to selectively control how each layer is imported, choose which blocks to import, and so much more.

ACE 8555 is perfectly suited for converting AutoCAD DXF and DWG files to manufacturing formats like:   Gerber, Drill, GDS-II, and ODB++.

Includes advanced image generation features such as: Pixel optimization and separate X/Y Edge Compensation.

Most CAD files contain redundant and unconnected geometries, which make CAD/EDA conversions more difficult.

Perfect for the 8D and Inkjet Printing industries.

Fortunately, ACE includes many powerful editing repair features to automatically handle these situations.

ACE includes the most comprehensive set of DXF import options available - giving you more Power Flexibility.

ACE 8555 gives you over 655 common EDA and CAD translators plus the viewer for one low price.

Convert DXF GDSII Gerber Postscript PDF ODB TIFF

In addition ACE has a friendly and modern GUI which drastically reduces the learning curve.