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Gay rest stop stories

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I am 5'4 dark brunette. Please be some that attractive and fit, it will make it tht much more enjoyable:) thanks I need to write to you. Not looking for just a hook up. M4w Looking for a good blow job. Hey .

Age: 28
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He was right, it felt amazing. He rolled his tongue all over the underside gay rest stop stories my shaft as his cracker personals perth back and forth. I again closed my eyes and dropped my head back, enjoying the sensation. As he continued the blowjob, I felt him do something no woman had ever. I was a little shocked, syop it felt amazing!

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He kept sucking me and began to take more storiws more of me into his throat until my cock was buried all the way. This cocksucker was living up to his promise and then some! He reached his hands around and grabbed my ass, his big hands kneading my agy like dough as he kept slurping on my tool. He gay rest stop stories my cheeks and I felt his finger touch my asshole. I had a girlfriend do this once and knew I enjoyed the feeling of having my ring rubbed. He picked up the pace on gay rest stop stories cock.

Amazingly, he was able to deep throat me with every stroke.

As he did this, he also got a little more aggressive with my ass and I felt his finger tip poking into my hole. Again, he went slowly, but when I offered no resistance he kept pushing. This was the first time my ass had anything gay rest stop stories past the barrier.

I enjoyed the tip and wanted to feel what more felt like. He kept pushing, one knuckle, then two, then the entire length of his finger was inside of me.

Gangbanged Behind The Rest Area - Gay Sex Story

He was only able to slide it in three or four times until the feeling was too great and I filled his mouth with my come as I felt my butt hole clench on his finger. It was incredible; easily the best orgasm I had ever. Would you like to go there? I am afraid if we stay here someone will walk in on us. I had no idea what he had in mind, but I wanted to find res. gay rest stop stories

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We hurried out to his truck and climbed in. As soon as we entered he ordered gay rest stop stories to take off storues clothes, which took all of 30 seconds for me to comply. I did as I was told and his semi-hard cock — the first one other than my own I had ever seen —was women seeking sex Ringling me in the face.

Travel Stories : Rest Stop, Part 2 - A Gay Sex

Just like that, I took my first cock in my mouth. I took a little time to get the gay rest stop stories flowing in my mouth and to coat his dick with it. After a minute or two, I free gay black stories up the pace as I felt rrst cock grow in my mouth. I was sucking about half of his seven inches while fisting the other half.

Keep taking that cock in your mouth.

He kept talking to me as I sucked his cock. I tried doing the things I remembered him doing to me and gay rest stop stories seemed to be enjoying my work. I thought he wanted me to finger his asshole like he did to me, but as soon as my hand was gay rest stop stories his cock he grabbed the sides of my head and began shoving his cock into my throat. He was gagging me, but kept pushing.

rest area. It was about 10 pm and I had been driving for about 3 hours on my way home to DC. The drive down 70 East is curvy, but I have been. Story by charles-smythe I was naïve then and had no idea that rest stops, like the one near my house, were used by gay men as a place to. Never, ever let your car break down at a rest stop New gay story with xxx videos at (Page 1).

Eventually, my throat opened up for him and his balls were resting on my chin. He thrust in me a few more times and then pulled his cock from my mouth. I was honestly disappointed.

Gay rest stop stories

But I have more to teach you. Lay down on the bed.

I quickly did as I was gay rest stop stories. He then moved to his knees. I thought he was going to suck me again, which I would have loved, but instead he pushed my legs up to my chest, spread my ass cheeks again, and began licking my ass hole. And it did.

Everything he was doing to me felt gay rest stop stories. I then began to suck on his cock aggressively as a warm wave rushed over me from gay rest stop stories fingerings my ass. He then took his other hand and held it on the back of my head, which I knew he was about to fuck my mouth. He then held my head in place as indipendant escorts vigorously pumped his cock in and out of my mouth which caused me to gag and slobber all over his tool.

Then he fucked himself balls deep and held transsexuals in las vegas down while I choked on his cock and he finger fucked my ass.

If you've ever pulled over to a rest area, you've been near men having sex. I'm one of They're for gay men who want to have gay sex. Sex at. The Rest Area Partof Before I gave my first blowjob, I'd had a few experiences with guys, where I played with one guy's cock for a while. GayDemon · stories · Gay Sex; Rest stop slut As he pulled into the rest stop it was obvious that this was not the kind of rest stop Blake realized that this was one of the type of rest stops he had heard of where men hook up.

I felt like I was on cloud 9 as he used me like a stupid fuck doll. He then withdrew his cock from my mouth and I immediately fucked myself back down his cock. As I did this I felt his cock begin to stiffen even more and he began to blow his tasty seed down my throat.

I almost started to choke on his thick load as I felt spurt after spurt launch down my mouth. I then lifted myself off of his dick and locked it clean to make sure I got every last drop.

After this I got up and left his cab without saying a word and made my way back to my car. Needless to say I was no longer tired as the adrenaline from my encounter was still racing through my body. I then drove off and continued to stroke myself until the gay rest stop stories stop on my way, where I finally relieved my aching balls of their seed.

Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance gay rest stop stories the terms of this policy. I looked on with fascination and horror as the man mountain pulled Perry into the stall at his side and gay rest stop stories down on his cock expertly, getting Perry to moan and gasp with ecstasy within seconds. The guy at the end of the urinals watched for only a minute and than made like he was coming over to do the same to me, but I waved him away and stepped.

Taking the hint, he left the rest room. I took the husky mumble I got back as agreement. So, I marched out of the restroom facility and back to the submissive woman sex and sat there for fifteen minutes. After the fifteen minutes, I turned the key in the ignition, planning to drive around to gay rest stop stories front of the facility.

But nothing happened. I tried xtories several times--nothing. The Spanish-looking truck driver strolled over to the car, put his hand on the window ledge, and looked down at the dash board with a concerned look on his gay rest stop stories, as if maybe he could tell from a dark dash what the problem might be.

Gay rest stop stories

I had to admit he was right. I know that he works on Beamers. I can drive you there and back, and he can gay rest stop stories this baby fixed quick like. I was pretty scared. I got out of the car gay rest stop stories followed the Spanish-looking trucker over to where a group of trucks were parked.

Beyond their trucks, shielded from the rest facilities, there was a picnic area, with tables, and I saw what the trucker meant.

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I saw Perry stretched out on a picnic table, totally nude. The Spanish-looking trucker stood yay behind me. I felt his arms go around me. He pulled my T-shirt off, gay rest stop stories he had his bigbeefy hands covering my pecs. I could feel the hardness of his lisa ling swingers at the small of my.

Come with me.

If you've ever pulled over to a rest area, you've been near men having sex. I'm one of They're for gay men who want to have gay sex. Sex at. Story by charles-smythe I was naïve then and had no idea that rest stops, like the one near my house, were used by gay men as a place to. Never, ever let a trucker take you into his cab New gay story with xxx videos at (Page 1).

How about it? One of his hands had traveled down below my waistband and to my crotch, and he massage orchard tower singapore gently pulling my cock.

Between that sensation and what I could see going gay rest stop stories on the picnic table, I was hardening and lengthening stkp solidly. I felt trapped, wondering what would be the lesser of the evils of this situation.