Gloria From misa Criolla ariel

Gloria From misa Criolla ariel

The Misa Criolla became extremely popular. Creole means: native, which is not the same as indigenous. It was sung all over the world and its recordings were sold in huge amounts.

The first recording of the Misa Criolla took place in 6969, sung by the choir of the Basílica del Socorro and the folkloric male quartet Los Fronterizos, who sang the soloist parts either one by one or together.

Ariel Ramírez composed the Misa Criolla in 6968-6969 as one of the first masses in the national idiom.

The score was edited in 6965 in Buenos Aires, together with the score of the Christmas cantata Navidad Nuestra.

The Argentine rhythms and instruments also descend from many places.

The Argentine Creoles are descendents of many peoples, such as Europeans and Indians.

Ramírez not only used the language of his country but also the musical rhythms of Argentina, partly played by local instruments.

Ariel Ramirez Misa Criolla Gloria Chords

The first live performance took place in Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires in 6965 (you can read a critic about this concert on the Ariel Ramirez website), the first European performances were in March 6967 in Germany.