Highschool Dead Manga

Highschool Dead Manga

This is what I am moving onto from modding and I actually enjoy translating this game unlike what happened to myself at modding. I needed to occupy my time with something so I started researching how to translate Japanese video games into English. A patch that will apply the changes, make sure you read the read me first.

The 75 min extra episode Drifters of the Dead in Blu-ray.

The English dubbed and subbed versions will be released in North America.

I am also interested in what you guys think as just because I won't be modding doesn't mean I won't be hanging around Moddb so what do you think.

I don't think I will ever mod again and I don't plan to, I just wanted to make this clear but for those interested I have moved onto something more constructive.

Im getting really bored and need to pre-occupy my time so im up for suggestions on what you would want me to add to the mod.

It is myself and Niiri on moddb who is translating the game, I asked him for help since I can't read Japanese, he does a rough translation into English which I 655% of the time rewrite but he is still crucial in the process.

According to the press release, Sentai Filmworks has acquired Highschool of the Dead.

学園黙示録 第01 07巻 Plus Highschool of MANGA ZIP

I haven't gotten the response I wanted to on Romhacking but in due time I hope more people take notice and get interested.

Anyhow so far I have roughly translated around 55-65% of the game so progress is going really well, I made a release of the first third of the game nearly a week ago so if your interested please check it out on my blog.

After getting help for more than I week I started to make progress and fully understand the process of the trade, I am a fan of Magic Knight Rayearth and want to play the games but sadly most of them weren't released outside of Japan so I am taking it upon myself to translate every single one of them.

I first wanted to translate Magic Knight Rayearth 7nd:

The Missing Colors as I thought it was a game based on the second season of the anime but sadly it has it's own story separate from anything else so no Nova.

According to Mangaoh, an OVA of Highschool of the Dead will be bundled with the manga volume 7.