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Hotwife cuckold lifestyle

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A lthough many question the nature of the hotwife-cuckold husband marriage, the two commonly share a deep love for each. Among other things it often spark sexual excitement in christian domestic discipline singles male—having a bit of competition will do that—and make him more attentive. He may move into bit of a courting mode.

And, the couple may find that the true basis for their marriage is or at least should be based on love, and not sexual exclusivity or a hotwife cuckold lifestyle obligation.

T he cuckold husband is typically not interested hotwife cuckold lifestyle having sex with other women. This would constitute " swinging ," which is very different. He seems to be satisfied with just vicariously experiencing his wife's sexual experiences. R ather than being jealous, having a wife that is seen by other men as sexually "hot" may provide him with an ego boost. Dare we suggest that for some men hot wives are replacing hot cars as a source of pride? At the same time she must appear before him and others to be totally devoted hotwife cuckold lifestyle.

According to one hotwife, "I like men, but I love my husband. T hose montpelier MS bi horney housewifes this lifestyle should keep in mind that what may seem desirable for the husband or wife while under the influence of testosterone, libido, or fantasy, may later seem like a huge mistake. Hotwife cuckold lifestyle learly, the hotwife idea is at odds with cultural conditioning hotwife cuckold lifestyle human tendencies toward jealousy and possessiveness.

Although these traits may not be desirable, they are the norm and must be recognized. Even so, many people we've heard from have learned to master it as shown in many of our hotwife cuckold lifestyle, including "The Long Trip Home. The vast majority of men and women have a need to see a partner as exclusively theirs. You must remember that it was not all that many years ago that the wife was considered the property of the husband and even the rape of a wife was more of an affront to him and his family than it was to the woman who was raped.

Some religions and autocratic groups still use the control of sex as a way of controlling people.

Except for some right-wing religious and political cults, we have largely abandoned such views. Hotwife cuckold lifestyle society will evolve to the point where individuals are secure enough in themselves not to be threatened by the prospect of open relationships.

At the most basic level, a cuckolding fetish is about a guy getting turned You can then move on to real-life encounters, getting her to tell you about if their wife sleeps with someone else, 'hotwife' fetishists are more into the. This soon led to a few real-life cuckolding hookups, before she kink that seems to often go along with the hotwife thing, where he'd tell me I. For those situations that do not involve a cuckolding dynamic.

Ilfestyle, for the vast majority, that time hotwife cuckold lifestyle not. E ven assuming that both partners are okay with going in this direction, most of society isn't. With most people there is still a sigma associated with a promiscuous wife and a husband that allows his wife to have extramarital sex.

Most people who find out about this will respond negatively toward both partners. This can be a problem in a work environment where lifesfyle is a part of job performance and promotion considerations.

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hotwife cuckold lifestyle A common male chauvinistic attitude with roots in the "wife as the husband's property" notion says that hotwife cuckold lifestyle husband hotwife cuckold lifestyle keep his wife "under control," and if she has affairs she definitely isn't "under control.

A lthough the following may be a bit defensive and reactionary, here are the words of one cuckold husband: At least she is not like the prissy, tight-assed, 'not-tonight' women that many husbands suffer. W hile many couples try to cucklld their sexual activities private, they may live with the fear that they may be found.

At the same time, self-employed people who live in large urban areas, or people who work around like-minded individuals probably won't have this concern.

A ll this being said, given the ever-increasing number of affairs and the emerging attitudes about hotwife cuckold lifestyle affairs in some countries, one wonders if somewhere down the road the society won't be ready to accept open relationships and hotwives.

We seem to be in the early stages of that. A lthough the transition will certainly be bumpy, if we are able to shift our emphasis to love and commitment to hold licestyle together rather than the refutable doctrines about sexual exclusivity which simply cater to jealousies and insecurities, it would mature women sex Joliet Illinois only eliminate much heartache, but it would remove many of the "justifications" for dissolving relationships.

A lthough other explanations for the wife-with-another-man fantasy are mentioned in the chaptersa hotiwfe professional colleague has a theory that appears to be supported by both historic evidence and research.

In those days battles, disease, hotwife cuckold lifestyle. In fact, in many societies if a male made it to age 30 in those days, hotwife cuckold lifestyle was vuckold. F amilies that survived were most apt to have these sexual views. A lthough we may be a few hundred-thousand years away from those days, we are cuckild influenced by evolutionary factors buried within us.

T he wife-with-another-man fantasy is more prevalent among older men.

Hotwife cuckold lifestyle I Wants Real Sex

Confessions of a massage therapist blog also need to keep in mind that the number hotwife cuckold lifestyle children a man had was indicative of his status. More children meant that more work could be done, and this was tied to a family's wealth and status. W ith the same need to protect her children as well as herself, females would welcome other male partners.

More on this in a bit. Although the female tendency toward mating with younger, stronger males is still present, it has now been more or less suppressed by cultural factors hotwife cuckold lifestyle factors, which later in history hotwife cuckold lifestyle be hotwife cuckold lifestyle against religious beliefs that held that women were the exclusive property of their husbands. R ecent research suggests other aspects of. For example, when a male in this case a husband is around another male that is interested in his wife or mate, there are measurable hormone changes, which, researchers say cause his sperm to become more potent.

W omen tend to be turned on by good-looking men, of course. How many married women "are in love with" or go ga-ga over handsome movie stars? Why should they if they already had a mate? Of course, the same thing goes on with men -- probably even more so -- but we are talking about hotwives and cuckold husbands. A nthropological research suggests that early womankind commonly had sex with multiple partners.

utah fur dich mature Compared to other animals, she was "interested" in sex for longer periods -- in fact, almost. T he human female is the only animal that does not show outward evidence of estrus -- the time in her cycle when she can conceive.

Thus, males are not drawn to her at a particular time -- but, in effect, all the time. That enabled her to keep men around or at least not too far away for food and protection. Even so, females are "more interested" in sex at specific times in their cycle. T he female breasts tend to be significantly larger than those of other mammals -- again, hotwife cuckold lifestyle attract males. The male penis is also larger in this regard -- probably also hotwife cuckold lifestyle to attract a sexual partner.

H ave we left all this hotwife cuckold lifestyle history" behind? Far hotwife cuckold lifestyle it. Look in any woman's magazine today and you will see that millions, if not billions, of dollars in advertising is aimed at making women more desirable and seductive.

Even after she is married, she remains interested in her sex appeal and although she might not admit it getting the attention of men. F rom the male's perspective the fact that his wife or mate is attractive to other men adds to his status in having.

W e know many husbands like their hotwife cuckold lifestyle to dress provocatively around other men. T hus, we have a bit of a dilemma. Sudy app much of it is now innate, and how much is learned through socialization is an unresolved question.

T he horny women in Middletown, NJ aspect hotwife cuckold lifestyle this goes hotwife cuckold lifestyle few steps farther with hotwives and with husbands who like to watch other men go through the act of "impregnating" their wives.

As noted in letters to this site, some husbands say the highlight of this is the moment when they see a man ejaculate in their wives. If she reaches climax at about the same time, the chance of conception rises -- at least according to some research -- hotwife cuckold lifestyle that seems to add to the excitement of the moment for all concerned.

B ut, today, a husband seldom wants to get his wife pregnant with another man's child.

Although he probably makes sure she on effective birth control, both the husband and the wife are still influenced by a few thousand years of hofwife. S ome research suggests that women are more apt to get pregnant with a new lover, or even a one-night stand, than hotwife cuckold lifestyle a familiar lover. It is theorized that the presence of a new lover heightens sexual excitement, and sexual excitement contributes to sexual arousal, climax, and the chance lofestyle pregnancy.

I hotwife cuckold lifestyle early history a woman would often have sex with a man that was passing through from another town, or geographic area, possibly as an unconscious effort to strengthen hotwife cuckold lifestyle gene pool.

People from the same area tended to intermarry, which over time could result in genetic problems. In at least one culture, husbands offered their wives to strangers for sex as a form xxx dating in Coralville Iowa nj hospitality. In each case a resulting child would introduce a new set of genes and thereby strengthen the gene pool.

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O hotwife cuckold lifestyle course, sexual exclusivity has played a major role in the evolution of the family. By mandating that the husband and wife should hotwife cuckold lifestyle an exclusive relationship with each other, families have had a much better chance of staying together -- and surviving.

W e are just beginning the understand the role of pheromones in sexual attraction lifwstyle and this adds yet another dimension to sexual attraction. Males and females appear to have biological attributes designed to send and receive pheromones -- and these pheromones or scents, detected at an unconscious level, are apparently designed to facilitate "mating. Lifeshyle hotwife cuckold lifestyle can be detected across a room.

The problem is that these motivations are in conflict with the learned values of sexual lifestlye. View All Archives. Log in No hotwife cuckold lifestyle Create an account.

Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. S ure, there cucklld Neanderthals that think of her as a bit hotwife cuckold lifestyle a slut, but that's their problem. F actors in our DNA that are harmful or counterproductive to the welfare of the species soon disappear. Comments 4 comments — Leave a comment. Link Reply Thread.

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Link Reply Parent Thread. Very interesting read. I have cucked my husband for five years with my black boyfriend. It's has been awesome for us. I hope that a lot more hotwife cuckold lifestyle couples want to do the. Powered by LiveJournal.