Ine Ccie Workbook Review

Ine Ccie Workbook Review

If you want to try VTR s try this http: //www. My situation is a little different. Permit only calls from specific numbers!

If it is, then begin a standard PPP CHAP session setup. Is that even possible?

First, I don t know of an ACS-type method of doing this, but I ll instead focus on the Cisco IOS gateway portion of the question. As for the IOS gateway call blocking, check out this link: https: //supportforums. cisco.

Voice translation-profile allow_certain_ani translate calling 6!

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Ine Ccna 642 802 exam Course By Brian Mcgahan

Interesting scenario!

AspxCan you share more examples for Blocking / reject rules? Essentially I need a white-list, not a black-list.

Com/blogs/translation. I guess its something like an ANI ACL.

I ll add some more uses for blocking in the near future. Especially the international ones, like one I have shown below: rule 6 reject /^956658/ type international plan anyThat s a great idea!

First action will be to ask it if 555-6767 is allowed. Voice translation-rule 6 rule 6 /5556767/ /5556767/ rule 7 reject /.

All Access Pass INE

Dial-peer 6 pots direct-inward-dial translation-profile incoming allow_certain_ani If not, terminate the call.

Oh, and to make things even more interesting, the white-list will probably need to reside on an ACS type external repository. I am trying to figure out how to PERMIT calling numbers, based on ANI information, as opposed to blocking.

I though maybe I could block on a negative result instead of permitting on a positive match, but I don t see where that is supported. By default all calling numbers are blocked, EXCEPT for the ones I allow.