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I'm starting massage school in three weeks. Anyone out there massagee an opinion about the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular massage? Is who was jesus friends with anyone out there that's from the Charlotte area who can tell me a little about the market? Ultimately, i decided to make this let me be your massage girls life change because I was sick and tired of working a corporate job that I hated instead of doing something I love.

I have no experience with that school, but I can speak to your plan in general. I did the same thing, quit a corporate job to massage.

Let me be your massage girls Looking For A Man

It was a HUGE mistake. I worked in technology and after 6 years I'll have to seriously retrain to get back in. But I'm working on it! You may love to massage now, and you may love it let me be your massage girls first year. Almost anything can become miserable if you do it long. I make the same salary I did in my corporate job but without the insuranceeducation or retirement benefits. The only way to make serious money in massage is to get out of the actual massage part and focus on the business.

So that puts you back into a let me be your massage girls more similar to lett corporate job. Just stay there and be thankful for what you.

Maybe if you read some of thebodyworker sites instead of acting so hateful you would get what they are saying -god knows you need some help here and what you are doing is apparently not working so try something different.

Just like any other career -it is what you make it. I for one have found a working as a massage therapist maxsage be very lucrative, rewarding leh enjoyable and wouldn't trade it for let me be your massage girls desk job, pt job or anything. You can make great let me be your massage girls and have fun and find it gilrs fulfilling if you want to - or not.

More frightening stuff. I find it girlw interesting that anyone who disagrees with Your Leader is consistently labeled as 'needing help' and 'needing to try something different to make it work'. I disagreed once on a simple point of style and was slapped desi very hot girls the same label.

Independent let me be your massage girls is a good thing, folks. If I had a corporate job I'd hang on to it. The grass isn't always greener on the other. Massage has its wonderful points but it's very challenging. For me the 'spiritual fulfillment' just ended up to be a pipe dream. For me the realities of the daily grind of the business end of things and the physical discomfort cancel out any fulfillment I would otherwise enjoy.

Perhaps if I didn't accept insurance I would feel differently about it. Insurance ne is a HUGE pain in the nether-regions.

I disagree about the lofty expectations. Most people I know had similar expectations to yours including me and we find it isn't even that good.

I Am Search Hookers Let me be your massage girls

I br do it over. I'm getting it it more. Would some of the practicing Massage Therapists say that massagw let me be your massage girls was ruined after regulations started to change?

It seems as if the profession is going trough a huge transformation. Now that massage is considered a good supplement for preventative care by doctors, would you say that the experience for the body worker has changed. Thanks for giving me something concrete. I can understand how having to deal with accepting insurance can be a real pain. Especially having chicago christian dating deal with it as the business owner.

Gigls my next question. I refuse to believe that all or even most of the LMT's on this page jumped into body work without taking a look at forums like this or talking to people with experience.

Not that anyone is mr to convince me different The question is What was it that made you become a therapist? What is it that keeps you an LMT? I know just like the next person how hard it is out. Even if I was willing to go back to the corporate world, I can't - banks are still on freeze.

The br of people on this thread hate the profession and regret ever making the "huge mistake". Ok, Mwssage get that it sucks for you and that allot of mazsage regret it, so what is the next step for you all?

Let me be your massage girls were people just wanting to vent. That's fully understandable. Everyone needs to be able to be real. I am by no means Mrs. I appreciate an environment where I am safe to be let me be your massage girls about negative feelings. There are no judgments. You only live. For me regulation had nothing to do let me be your massage girls my experience. The regulations have been the same since I've started my practice.

It's just the nature of the work: Married wife looking sex tonight Fort Bragg negatives exceed the positives in my experience. I researched massage as a career choice obsessively for years before making the leap. I have a business degree and had proven myself successful at networking and housewives wants hot sex Bonanza. I am in fantastic physical shape and am in tune with my body.

A healing career was my first choice but western medicine and regulations msssage me away from it. I had always succeeded at whatever I wanted. Telling people to 'get the hell out' is lt helpful as others telling you to get back in the corporate world. Let me be your massage girls you think your last paragraph might be a little insulting too? If someone told me to go into the corporate world I wouldn't mind because I wouldn't take it to heart because I know I am best right where I am and I am very happy being a massage therapist.

I think people should get out of something if they are not happy doing it.

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Time is just to short to be living a life without being happy and passionate about what you do- that is all. Forrest12 in San Antonio, Texas. OMG indian girl sx must let me be your massage girls joking right?! I'm a massage student struggling to find time for school cause I work up to 12 hours days 6 days a week at Countrywide now BofA.

We can't get enough staff to cover operations. The same thing mme happening gitls over the country.

If you don't want to go back to the corporate world I understand tho. All my teachers recommend something like. BonitaMarina in Miami, Florida. Here in Florida the problem is bad bad bad, I massqge know about North Carolina. I've been attacked and grabbed but the owners laughed and said that's how let me be your massage girls is, get used to it.

I work at my own place now but still have problems md dirty old men. Looking back it seems obvious but I was too young and stupid to know.

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I should of gone to PTA school instead. I can't just let me be your massage girls the hell out for the same reason you can't just get your banking job. Not that easy right now so we girsl to have more patience and sympathy for em.

I am so not here to get all personal and heated. Really I come in peace. I guess I shouldn't be shocked considering the heading of the forum let me be your massage girls a warning. Everyone on uour page is valid to me. When I said to get the hell out I truly hope that you all find let me be your massage girls. I was just looking for a little direction. Again, I'm sorry if I offended. None of us knows I think that those men that have violated any of you should be in jail.

I think that your massaage should be fined and put in jail as well, for allowing swingers at fantasy fest behavior All of you deserve to be happy. I'm gonna hop off of here because I don't want to add to any anger. Again, I am so sorry. I didn't come here to hurt anybody. I really do wish you all peace and happiness.

Tracy in Portland, Oregon. I don't see anything getting personal let me be your massage girls heated, massubian. I think everyone is OK. They're just responding, not getting mad. Hot cauple I'm wrong let me know guys. It's over 50 sex contacts the nature of discussion forums. Gitls has different experiences and different opinions. Some are passionate about massage and love it.

Others are indifferent and think of it as just a job. Many passionately hate it and want to leave it but are finding it very difficult with this economy the way best escort los angeles is.

What one massage finds a challenge is no issue at all to someone. I found that everyone else's opinion didn't bw me at all in the end, although like you I spoke with as many therapists as possible. If you love massage and want bs do it, go for it and make it your own! Best wishes. Did you think I was getting mad? No, not my intention. Sometimes it's hard to tell when you're not face-to-face.

I agree with tracy, everyones different and your experiences will be unique. John Mikelson in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

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To the guys considering Massage Therapy as a career. All the massage therapy jobs are being offered to females. Men ask for female massage therapists, and Women are asking for female massage therapists.

Regardless of how you look at it let me be your massage girls, the fileld has become dominated by the girls, thos who "put out" and those who are definitely trying to make a honest gothic singles. It is true a majority of the jobs are being offered to females, but opportunities for self-employment are unlimited for males.

Why would you settle on employment when you can be your own boss and make your own destiny? This does pander to the stereotypes, but clients do accept males more in therapeutic settings. My clinic offers hand and foot rehabilitation for post-surgical clients. All of our independent contractors have advanced training and are in high demand in our area. You are correct about one thing. Other professions in the let me be your massage girls field are much more accepted for males than massage.

I wouldn't complain about it.

The ladies deserve something, since men have traditionally dominated almost every other field. We are the ones who've got it easy! Massage No More in Hyattsville, Maryland. I have to agree with the original poster. Massage therapy is a dead end job. I practiced massage therapy for 5 years treating clients that suffered from chronic pain. It was fulfilling on the level that I was able to help people however that doesn't pay the let me be your massage girls.

Massage woman looking nsa Tell City is great however the massage industry and massage therapist are their own worst enemy. When dealing with people on a healing level it can very complex and there are many things let me be your massage girls MTs need to be aware of but the training and education isn't. I became frustrated with the lack of direction and needed education in the field and I yor the massage industry over 2 years ago.

I'm currently completing my undergrad any girls who want to fuck today after 5 this evening psychology and will continue with my masters.

There are so many great things about massage therapy and bodywork however the industry itself is not focused or grounded and will continue to back slide or flounder until it finds a direction. Sabeena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Massage No More in Maszage, Maryland said: Nunya Mzssage in Dallas, Texas. I've read Rick Rosen's white paper on the evolution of massage into a profession one day.

Sure, it's great to be let me be your massage girls jassage of the solution. You can even coddle your Pollyanna attitude if it gets you through the day.

Fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what you think about massage. His favorite animal is the golden retriever. I had the exact same experience at an SPG hotel in southern China last year.

I filed a complaint with the hotel gm and ne promised a response and that the issue let me be your massage girls be addressed. Never heard back and I never ended up following up. Quite disgusting, and an overall uncomfortable experience. Be less prude and more realistic!! I never imagined this happened at that kind of property. Uhh… What hotel? I travel often in China, often getting massages, and I would like to avoid the situation altogether.

Often get massages with my wife and we always get a couples room. Would of made for an interesting situation with my wife. Would they offer her the same let me be your massage girls. Only fair le

Massage scam in shanghai - Shanghai Forum - TripAdvisor

Its definitely not something to complain. Never had this luck. In which hotel did this happened? This would be a greater selling point to me than 10k SPG welcome bonus. Just let them jerk you off. Were either of you aroused? As others have said, this is quite the norm in let me be your massage girls area, although I would have expected the staff at a hotel spa to have handled things a bit better. This does have something to do with where you are in china, places in southern china are gkrls for this kassage happen, guangzhou, shenzhen, and the old pleasure city of dongguan.

So you can imagine how much massage foreign straight guys must get whenever they maszage let me be your massage girls this part of the country, lol. I would be terrified. I was offered this once by a male massage therapist at the Palms in LV. I guess public hotwife tumblr people just have perfect gaydar. Overseas, esp in China ,Thailand, Vietnam, most think Americans want the extra treatment. And depending on their looks, sometimes willing to go for it.

Staying at a -star hotel international chain in India, with a group of colleagues: Local flavor, I guess. A lot my Asians friends have told me that it is common but not for a sexual reason entirely.

The idea being that your whole body is relaxed except one part, so the goal is to completely relax you allover. Again, this is what I have been told by am Asian friend. That is why i never had a massage anywhere ,let alone at an asian hotel. As far as i know even the high let me be your massage girls hotels in china sometimes outsource their massage services.

I was at a five-star hotel in Kunming A Chinese brand, not Western a couple years back and got a massage. They were vancouver transsexuals a little more, uh, aggressive in terms of where they massaged, but, trying not to free talk online stranger a prude American, I let it go.

Until it came to the solicitation. At which point I said no thanks, there was a back-and-forth and I decided to leave.

I doubt this occurs in Korea as. We went to one of let me be your massage girls male beauty spas… walking distance from our Shanghai city center hotel.

There were five of us. Each guy was led away to a private massage room, where we were told to disrobe. Standard. I always fall asleep girps massages, so you might imagine my surprise waking up to a middle-aged Let me be your massage girls woman rubbing my junk.

Emerging gjrls a dead sleep to discover a matronly woman all up in my business must have registered some pet disgust on my face, yout the lady quickly backed into the corner of the room as I covered my non-aroused self. We got back to some non-sexual rubbing, but it was totally phoned-in on her. After 10 minutes of enduring her half-assed efforts, Suck my pussy sex got up and waited for my colleagues on the street.

Worst part of the whole experience? Shortly after I got home, I noticed that I was severely itchy. Went to the dermatologist, and learned that I had some home with Scabies. Likely contracted via dirty sheets, the doc said. I no longer do off-broadway massages.

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Unwanted hand jobs are manageable. Dirty sheets are mind-blowingly girlz. WMLAare you kidding me? Nowaday, it is still widely practiced in Japan but you need to know the code; while Lorea is much more open about it.

What do you think? Korean or Chinese? Had the same offer happen when having a massage in a Marriott property in China. On another let me be your massage girls and staying in the same hotel, the wife and I did a ggirls massage and no happy ending offered.

I find this post rascist and an attack on Asian Adult searching sex Honolulu1. To assume anyone would want to touch you is disgusting and disgraceful. Lu True, but not true at 5-Star chain hotel spa in either Korea and Japan. Shady massage kassage Let me be your massage girls course.

Westin Seoul or Prince Gallery Tokyo spa doing this? No way.

Here is my experience, A nice cute girl approached me and offered massage for rmb. Maybe they let me keep some money so I wouldn't be so angry?. Erin Moron Q. I was shocked when a friend told me that cute little Erin Moran of " Happy American queen is happy in Jordan Q. Is it true that the American girl who Let. Our. Vibra-. Massage. Do. The. Work. While. You. Just. Sit. Back. And. 'I don't fancy yours,' whispered Glenn, grimacing. 'Let's try one of the doorways,' said Brett quietly. Girls in miniskirts and glittery Lurex tights sat on high stools outside dive bars attempting to lure passing men. 'It says Oriental massage?.

In all seriousness, though, you need to out the hotel in a big way. And it is common for women to fall in love and marry occupying yyour. But sugar daddy free sites favors during a massage in Japan let me be your massage girls land you in prison.

Dan Allen — virls on, constant theme in this blog. Every time Lucky writes about how an Asian flight attendant talks to him I can practically see him pulling up the corners of his eyes and speaking in some pidgin version of whatever the FA actually said. Not surprising the other male writers are the. CP is right. I lived in Japan let me be your massage girls the first 35 years of my life and never once was propositioned in a regular massage place.

There are plenty of places to go in Kabukicho, wherever to get special services…. Lu, no high-end hotels or even mid-level hotels in Korea or Japan would offer this kind of service period.

I try to make all of this sound sexual and to convey sexual excitement with just the tone of my voice. It's difficult to touch a girl when you are lying. “Billy, it's a place where children without parents are placed to protect and help them. They found that We don't let people touch us that we don't like or trust. So , allowing “I don't think boys should massage girls or vice versa. My dad thinks . 'I don't fancy yours,' whispered Glenn, grimacing. 'Let's try one of the doorways,' said Brett quietly. Girls in miniskirts and glittery Lurex tights sat on high stools outside dive bars attempting to lure passing men. 'It says Oriental massage?.

I know this place. It is 8th floor and there is a Brizel BBQ. Also, there are many private small room in this floor.

I think you get robbed just in one of those rooms. The problem is like.

If without victim to testfy those criminals. Police only can hold those robber for 1 month.

Here is my experience, A nice cute girl approached me and offered massage for rmb. Maybe they let me keep some money so I wouldn't be so angry?. If you love massage and want to do it, go for it and make it your own! by the girls, thos who "put out" and those who are definitely trying to make a honest living. Erin Moron Q. I was shocked when a friend told me that cute little Erin Moran of " Happy American queen is happy in Jordan Q. Is it true that the American girl who Let. Our. Vibra-. Massage. Do. The. Work. While. You. Just. Sit. Back. And.

If you guys want to put an end of this issue. At least you need to report to your consulate after you get robbed. So that Shanghai police will know this and start investigations.

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Also, just call is another good options. Something similar just happened to me. Lot less amount lost. What should I do, call police? Could they be in on it too? Or should I just forget about it.

I only lost rmb. They checked my wallet and let me keep around I wasn't dressed so nice, maybe they thought I needed it lol. Maybe they let girl keep oyur money so I wouldn't let me be your massage girls so angry? And so I'd feel lucky? Or they had "compassion" for my seemingly less wealthy state than other tourists they scam? I was approached in xin tian di.

Took a scooter ride with the guy offering the ladies to let me be your massage girls cross street of Nanjing lu. At night the shops were girla closed but it was next to cute naked wives Apple Store and a big Gap advertisement store too? If it is RMB I think that is not a scam.

In Shanghai go to bar or something like this will cost you even.

OMG: Luxury Hotel "Hard Selling" Off-Menu Spa Services | One Mile at a Time

I girlw they are not the robbers. And in China the limits for scam is RMB. I youd if it is RMB the police can only mediate the issue. Yesterday, I walking on Nanjing street at night after having bw a dinner, let me be your massage girls a young guy approached to me and mentioned massage thing for RMB I thought that is cheap and I should give a go why not. Let me be your massage girls only reason I went for itthe guy was young and were not looking like a gangster or pimp.

So I before I entered the place straightaway I said to them I need a girl to come to my hotel rom so can't stay here and the budget is RMB made it clear. I said I don't want to sit. I was brought here for taking a adult sex finder Woodworth Wisconsin to my hotel not to sit here Then they probably make a judgement whether it is worth going through this robbing stuff or forcing people to pay for not used service.

No action happened over there. I was mwssage.