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It is a truth universally acknowledged that men do not read or write romance novels However, according to statistics from Romance Writers of America9 percent of romance readers are guys.

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Who are the real men who read and write romance novels just because reaal like it? I spoke with a few of them and about the portrayal of wmoen in the genre, how people react to them, and how to make these books more appealing to real women read.

But wait -- what is a romance novel? Most people know them as the trashy books with heaving bosoms often real women read in back corners of bookstores or racks in the drugstore.

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The Serious Definition is a novel with real women read plot that centers around two individuals falling in love with an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. Nora Roberts it the queen of romance. Books like 50 Shades of Grey are often an intro to the genre.

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The great irony is men already read books with romance in them -- they just aren't called romance real women read. The most common response when learn a guy is a fan wwomen romance novels is surprise. It was an unexpected sight, but one I was pleased to see.

However, the response isn't always a simple "wow! Women often want to know. Men often just nod and that's the end of it. I chatted with Iain, who shares romance novels with his girlfriend and he says it's usually not real women read he feels comfortable bringing up, but rela he does he gets a reaction of "surprise, amusement, curiosity -- only very occasionally real women read people responded as though I were weird to be reading RNs.

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These days he's not hiding and has adopted the point of view of a friend who believes we "we shouldn't feel guilty about anything we truly enjoy. Romance novels are often dismissed as guilty pleasures and something to be ashamed of by both men and real women read. In fact, as a woman, I often notice people are surprised to learn that I, with my two Mexican men hot literature degrees, write romance novels.

While guys reading "girls books" confounds our gender expectations and may lead to an extra element of surprise and snark, real women read seems that attitude often just comes with the genre -- no matter who is reading it.

The heroes in romance novels have a reputation for looking like Fabio or a model in an issue of Men's Health magazine. They also tend to be ridiculously wealthy, all powerful, mindblowingly awesome in bed, incredibly intelligent and a savior best date ideas calgary a crisis.

It's a lot for anyone to live up to. With reql types like that On the other hand, Iain real women read in on how realistic romance heroes are: They're real people -- they've got their talents and their failings, their hopes and their dreams. real women read

They aren't at least, real women read in the books I've resl just a rippling chest for the heroine to cling to. It was bound to happen: Cue eye rolling -- or real women read One reason women often cite for the genre for being looked down on is because they do deal with the messy complexity of human emotions.

It might be one reason that guys shy away from these stories. Or is that just another gender stereotype we -- especially female romance authors real women read are perpetuating?

Richard the reader points out: Real women read having a fear of the word 'love' seems over-dramatic. On the other hand, men are often told to keep their feelings to themselves.

The portrayal of emotionally reserved heroes real women read especially in historical romance -- might be reflective womfn the culture and not just an bangladeshi sexi girls plot device. Vos points out: It isn't that men don't feel emotion, but they have been taught how to domen it down and not let it.

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real women read It's worth noting that most romance novels are written in the third person, giving the reader to get into the head of both the heroine and the hero.

It all begs the question: Vos notes, "I'm starting to see this trend being strayed real women read, but only slightly. How can romance novels be more guy friendly? Should they be? What do guys love about romance novels?

Herron says, "The same thing I love about any novel -- real women read writing, strong characters, a good story. It could be as simple as "more male POV romance stories would attract male readers," according to author Michael Molloy.

Or more sports-themed romances.

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Cangany points rela "sports romance give guys plenty of opportunity to check out a romance while real women read on familiar turf. Guys just need to be willing to try something different.

Check out the slideshow below of recommended romance novels for guys -- including sports themed stories. It might real women read take a womrn education and broadening of horizons.

They need people to sit them down with a good romance novel -- and that's my job as well, as someone who knows the truth -- real women read make them give it a chance. Dare we suggest that the sexting for free numbers become less girly?

Real Men/Women Read – Legacy of Literacy Inc

Are we, the 91 percent, keeping out a potential readership with all the PINK! And naked man chest! And girly words!

Vos says: Find a way to promote it without using that word and you may have a chance. But the matter of who reads romance may be about more real women read pink or sports.

Who are the real men who read and write romance novels just One reason women often cite for the genre for being looked down on is. Thurgood Marshall Elementary/Middle School hosted a "R.E.A.L. Women Reading" event on Friday, March 29, This is a volunteer-driven event that brings. Some men play sports, some men cook, but real men READ to children. In , using the model of REAL Men Read, women were invited to participate in.

The books are called "trashy" or "guilty pleasures" with the implication that no one -- male or female -- real women read really admit to reading. Here's a short video showing why.

Eventbrite - Kimberly "Isis" Thomas presents "Real Women Read" Meet Up- BECOMING - Saturday, February 2, at Honey Bubble, Atlanta, GA. Find event. Who are the real men who read and write romance novels just One reason women often cite for the genre for being looked down on is. The female hormone oestrogen seriously affects spatial intelligence in women, researchers have claimed.

But fans of the genre know that there's no shame in enjoying a rollicking good story where real women read and women find common ground and live happily ever.

Cangany sums it up perfectly: US Edition Aomen.

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From Our Partners What's Working: Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Guys that read romance novels: Real men rate fictional heroes. With thousands real women read romances published each year, there's something for.

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Let's talk about the F word feelings. Romance Novels Recommended for Guys: Help us tell more of the stories that matter from real women read that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. Today is National Voter Registration Day!

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Guy teal romance novels. What if a woman who knows nothing about sports inherits a professional football team? This is the book that began it all.