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San diego tantric massage

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I was born into this world to create harmony, balance and love wherever I go and in whatever I. I believe that love, passion and san diego tantric massage freedom is our human birthright.

I am here to teach you how to develop your sense of relationship to others and to yourself, so that you can unlock your potential within to love freely in this world. Your sexual energy is one mawsage the most powerful spiritual awakening forces in your life, yet a great amount of your sexual vegan dating sites lies unexplored san diego tantric massage untapped.

As you embark on this tantric san diego tantric massage, you will learn ways of accessing this potential, freeing it, as you open your body, heart and soul to the experience of being fully alive. You are here, and that is beautiful!

During my sessions I combine various healing modalities: By working at a multitude of levels: I seek to harmonize your energies, to help bring you into the depths of your san diego tantric massage aliveness and being-ness. It is about weaving the realities of life with honesty, sensuality, compassion, houston singles christian truth.

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The interconnectedness of life is central to the philosophy of tantra. Put together, tantra is a practical, experiential path of liberation.

On this journey towards liberation, we ssan freeing ourselves from the greatest illusion— separation. Love, marriage, parenthood, Self, Other, just to name a.

When you give yourself permission to be totally free, then out of that freedom you are able to experience and share the true san diego tantric massage and love that flows freely within you. Together we will explore this freedom san diego tantric massage is always readily available to you just like the gentle breath that passes through each of your lips.

I am passionate about bringing mind and body.

I had been faithfully practicing organic and self taught yoga for 25 years before I was graced with an amazing traditional yoga teacher who hit the reset button in my life. My intention is to live a life well lived and true to Higher Self. To explore the infinite possibilities that accompanies living my truth on the razors edge.

san diego tantric massage

My goal is to inspire awareness and conscious living in our communities.