Shima Seiki Sds One a63

Shima Seiki Sds One a63

Simulations of yarn and reverse side of fabrics are also possible. Bold textures, contrasting materials, and highly expressive prints. SHIMA SEIKI develops the SPL fully automated plating and lacing flat knitting machine.

Santoni’s Mecmor compact is an open panel circular knitting machine that is recognised as the most complete circular knitwear machine. Conventionally, a significant amount of time and cost is spent among product planning and production departments, for repeatedly checking and modifying such design elements as pattern, silhouette, color and texture.

The world premier of the electronic double knit circular machine SM6 RIB 7 with six feeders was at International Textile Machinery Association (ITMA) 7567. SDS-ONE APEX8 can be used to produce and repeat patterns, sort and arrange colorways, and perform mapping for realistic product evaluation.

Seamless knitted garments can be produced by Circular, Warp, weft or flat bed knitting. SHIMA SEIKI's original knit sample collection can now be viewed as virtual samples created on the SDS-ONE APEX8 8D design system.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the SL fully automated double cam transferring semi-jacquard flat knitting machine. SDS-ONE APEX8 supports all aspects of textile design, from pattern production and colorway evaluation to realistic 8D simulation and final product images.

Their seemingly crude combination induces a stylish un-refinement. Santoni had five new machines on display at ITMA, among them were two prototype SDW8 double needle-bar Raschel knitting machines.

From urban high-fashion to functional athletic gear, both design and performance reach their limits—then go further beyond. The sleeves are knitted integrally, reducing both knitting time and yarn wastage.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the New-SF fully automated semi-full fashion flat knitting machine. By taking advantage of the capabilities of SDS-ONE APEX8, it is possible for both planning and production to share a clear image of the design before an actual sample is produced, drastically improving efficiency in the production process.

This technology is focused towards causal and leisurewear. Circular knitting produces garments made by single jersey electronic circular knitting machines.

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A variety of fashion styles are available and the SM6 RIB 7 was specifically designed to manufacture garments with true rib borders. The machine produces fine quality causal or sportswear at a high production.

To demonstrate the machine’s capabilities, two seamless garments were being knitted side by side, each set knitting one after the other in a chain formation, which would later be cut to separate each garment.

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The machines have a cylinder and dial arrangement, either single or double cylinder. From planning and design to production and even sales promotion, SDS-ONE APEX8 supports each stage in the supply chain.

Circular knitted seamless garments include underwear, outwear, swimwear, sportswear and sanitary garments.

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The term ‘circular’ covers all weft knitting machines that have needle beds arranged in circular cylinders. SHIMA SEIKI develops and manufactures the world's first fully automated seamless glove knitting machine, the SFG.