Thai Song Karaoke

Thai Song Karaoke

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Ummm yeah That s probably because this is a brothel.

We d planned on reaching distant Attapeu by nightfall, but had spent too much time wandering about searching for waterfalls and hiding from rainstorms, so we d decided to return to the Green Guesthouse for another night and start early the following day.

Needless to say that there are countless of young and attractive local Thai girls to be met.

The nightlife scene in Khon Kaen is diverse and bustling and has a lot more to offer than most foreigners think.

Wow, there sure are a lot more women than guys in here, I said.

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After ordering beers and some lao lao (which they had to run out and buy for us), we sat at the front table by the dance floor and Christina clued me in to the fact that this was most likely a whorehouse.

It s the type of places that have mostly Thai locals hanging out yet still very open to foreigners, some have a really nice and cosy set up and most have live music and TV screens showing live sports.

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While the various nightlife spots are spread all over town, the most popular area is in the town center near the big hotels like Pullman and Kosa.

It was our second night in Paksong, Laos coffee capital, which rests in the middle of the high Bolevan Plateau and makes a convenient base for exploring the many waterfalls and villages in the area.

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 Below are the best nightlife spots in Khon Kaen and where they are located.

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Whether bar or club, it doesn t really matter though, there is no cover charge for any bar or nightclub in this area so you can just walk inside, order a couple of drinks and see if you like it.

Khon Kaen is the second biggest town in Isaan (after Korat) and has the biggest and oldest university in all of northeastern Thailand.

As with most of these places the line between bar and nightclub is very thin. We also have a special offer for karaoke rentals. There was a house singer who did the majority of the performances very few people got up to sing.

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If you said yes and you like karaoke, you should check out Max Karaoke Studio. Within 6 km radius you will find dozens of local and foreign oriented bars, night clubs, soapy massage parlors and night markets. I was shocked that I d never figured this out before, but then, I hate karaoke and this was my first visit to a karaoke bar in Asia. The highest concentration of bars in Khon Kaen can be found all along Pracha Samran Road, 5 minutes walk from the Pullman hotel and 65 minutes walk from Central Plaza. The karaoke bar next door had kept us up much of the night before with loud music and more than a few inspired screeching vocal performances, so Stu, Christina, and I decided that we d hop over and see what was happening. I d been in Asia for six months and I hadn t figured this out yet. Really by walking around town during daytime and almost getting bored if you don t know the nice places to visit you wouldn t think that this place has so much to offer after sunset. Inside, we found about a half dozen young Lao couples sitting at tables in the back, chatting and laughing quietly. Click the 'Browse' button to browse by letter, or enter an artist or title and hit SEARCH Hit F66 to fullscreen your browser, then Ctrl+ (or command+ on Macs) to enlarge the kiosk until you are happy with the size. Some have a big Red or Black sign outside indicating Jonnie Walker whiskey is sold inside and that s how they promote the night clubs too. Karaoke places usually are. After enjoying a couple of beers on the back balcony as the sun set, we walked over to check out the scene. A minibus was parked in front, but we saw no sign of the passengers.