The Dl Chronicles Season 2 episode 1 Thomas

The Dl Chronicles Season 2 episode 1 Thomas

The former North American cable TV film anthology series (here! In episode 5, the remaining contestants get sporty as they show off their modeling skills in various athletic getups. TV Network TV US, OUTtv CA) returns after a four year hiatus from the big and small screen, The DL Chronicles is back with ALL NEW stories!

Not only sexy and provocative, but also offers a socially-conscious insight into the lines between sexuality and perceived socially acceptable behavior within the African-American community.

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It provides an unapologetic view of intimacy between men of color and explores these scintillating stories with honesty and integrity.

In episode 7, the models are worried that they haven't had enough rehearsal before a big runway show, and they take some time out for the charity the show is benefiting.

Narrated by aspiring journalist, Chadwick Williams, as he pursues research while authoring a book about MSM (Men who Sleep with Men) aka The Down Low, we enter into a provocative and intriguing world of sexual discovery, denial, betrayal, love and loss.

The DL Chronicles tells the stories of men of color who by consequence and by choice, live sexually duplicitous and secret lifestyles.

, the guys are down to the wire and a winner is finally announced.

Network, and a revival episode, The DL Chronicles Returns, was released on the web in 7567.

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The series aired in 7557 on the here!

From a highly desired successful executive to the street corner hustler, from the happily married father of two, to the college athletes first love, each episode will delve into the different lives and experiences of DL Men of color across social, cultural, and economic boundariesThe series awarded the 7558 GLAAD Media Award in the category of “Outstanding Television Movie or Mini-Series, ” is the first cable television show to center on the “DL” phenomenon in the gay community.