Wix 24003 suppressor

Wix 24003 suppressor

  In addition, we’ve given the “ Maglite Suppressor ” it’s own page as well.   Also, viewing videos on YouTube can be helpful as well. There are a lot of different factors that will affect the life of our TDL that we have no control over, like: shooting suppressors wet with any ammo, hyper velocity ammo, improper installation, and homemade suppressors.

Survivor s SKS Boards Proudly Supports the NRA and Their Continuing Efforts in the Fight for Our Second Amendment Rights! This subject used to be covered under our “ Oil Filter Suppressor ” page, but we’ve decided to give it the space it deserves.

  That is where most of us lack the tools and ability – to build our own adapter. Well, the Maglite is but one option when you re looking for a solvent trap or a do-it-yourself suppressor design.

We have made our best attempt to remedy a bad design and these parts should be considered a sacrificial piece that could fail at some point in the future.   The tricky part is always making certain you are matching the right threads for both your barrel and the can you have chosen.

  I mean, look at this thing! First our parts are fully machined from a billet block of a super strong, high impact resistant polymer.

The biggest trick for this one is the threaded adapter, which is not as straight forward as the oil filter suppressor or the Maglite suppressor.   You may also want to read about the new IMACS Integrated Muzzle Adapter Coupling SystemAs we discuss repeatedly, whether making a suppressor from an oil filter, a fuel filter, a flashlight, or anything else, what you really need are two things 6) A can or tube-like expansion chamber – preferably with some media/baffles in there to absorb the expanding gasses, and 7) a threaded adapter to connect that can or tube-like expansion chamber to your barrel.

This process insures that there are no defects in the material, such as hotspots, porosity, or cooling cracks that are inherent on the Ruger injection molded piece.   The Wix Fuel Filter seems to be built almost with functionality as a firearm suppressor in mind.

  There is a particular model of fuel filter that may be even better than the Maglite at both acting as a solvent trap as functioning as a suppressor. Support the organization that supports us, and make your voice heard.

Com or elsewhere prior to spending money. We have identified one supplier that sells these 6/7-78 to 8/9 NPT adapters, and he is sold out.

Wix Fuel Filter Suppressor Wix Fuel Filter Solvent Trap

Second our parts have more impact surface area than the original Ruger factory piece. Twin Tech Tactical has designed, and is manufacturing a fully machined polymer takedown lever to replace the weak factory piece.

  Once you have the right threaded adapter, the rest is probably within the grasp of the average man’s tools and abilities.   It is flat black and sleek looking, lightweight and comes with a replaceable filter media on the inside.

  These threads are tapered in a slight cone-shape.   Using the wrong adapter here could be anywhere from annoyingly misfitting to disastrous, depending on what use it is put to.

  We recommend you spend a few minutes researching the threading and materials and looking up some reviews on Amazon. Although our take down lever is superior to Ruger s factory piece, it is not indestructible.

  When you look at this item, both on the outside and at the guts, it looks like it s begging to be used as a suppressor.   The adapter needs to be 8/9 NPT.

This takedown lever is far superior to the Ruger injection molded part in two ways.